Latest Issues

A $15 City Minimum Wage
There are an estimated 400,000 minimum wage workers in Illinois. Minimum wage workers earn only $17,000 a year, working full-time. ..more

A Real Investment in Our Children’s Education
It’s time that our tax money is used to support our public school system and give our children the education they need and deserve instead of being handed over to predatory banks, greedy downtown developers and educational privatizers. ..more

Fair Taxes
We can demand fair taxes so seniors get home healthcare, students get fully funded education, and the vulnerable families get the support.  ..more

Affordable Housing
Our neighborhoods are increasingly blighted by boarded up homes as former homeowners have been turned out on the streets by predatory banks.  ..more

A City Budget that Invests in Us
It’s time we invested our city funds into the people of Chicago, and stopped diverting resources away to make rich corporations even richer at our expense...more