The People's Score System

Each Alderman has been assigned a score between 0-100.  The score is based off of the Alderman’s voting record, feedback from Grassroots Illinois Action members and community leaders across the city, as well as other public records.

In order to make the score more understandable for users we have divided the city council into 4 tiers. Below is a description of each tier.

Tier 1 - Champion:

Defends public neighborhood schools, supports $15 minimum wage, and affordable housing. Sponsors people’s legislation, not a rubber stamp. Alderman is ready to take tough votes.

Tier 2 - Ally:

Demonstrates some capacity to act independently. Advocates for a few issues to support for working families. Voting record demonstrates ability to act independently from the Mayor.

Tier 3 – Corporate Follower:

Frequently votes in the interest of corporations over everyday people. Bends only with substantial community pressure on a limited set of specific issues.

Tier 4 - Rahm’s Rubber Stamp:

Votes with Mayor over 89% of the time. Deaf ear to school closings. Actively opposes legislation that would benefit their constituents. Supports privatizing and anti-worker schemes. Works to put public money into private hands.

The votes with mayor percentage are derived from the UIC Report: Continuing the Rubber Stamp City Council.